Chicagoland GA Pinnings Calendar



What is a GA Pinning?  A GA Pinning is a special Gamblers Anonymous meeting where a celebration of the Gamblers Anonymous program takes place and the acknowledgement of abstinence for its members. Chicagoland GA Pinnings are held to present members with service pins for their first year of abstinence, fifth year, and increments of 5 years after that.  Anyone is welcome to attend and observe our Pinning celebrations.


All Pinning celebrations are OPEN unless noted below, meaning anyone can attend.

An "In Room" pinning is closed to anyone outside of Gamblers Anonymous


For planning/scheduling upcoming pinning please contact your Intergroup Rep

New pinning information can be sent to:

  • For a pinning event to be added to the pinning list, it requires submission to the Pinning Chairperson, at least 30 days prior to the pinning date and preferably at least one day prior to the Intergroup meeting.  Intergroup Reps can do this by emailing or calling a submission to the Pinning Chairperson.
  • Please provide: Date, Day (Note if food first), Time (Note if an early start), meeting and location, if the Pinning is an “Open”(open to all guests and members) or “Closed” (open to GA or GA/Gamanon only), Name, Years celebrating, and if GA or Gam-Anon.  Please provide a contact phone number in case there are questions or conflicts.



Updated as of 01/27/2023



Day: Date: Time: Location: Pinnee: Celebrating:
Thursday 2/2/22 7:00 PM
Food first

7:45 PM
All Saints Lutheran Church
13350 South Lagrange Road
Orland Park, IL 60462
Kim P.

Jerry P.

1 year GA

5 years GA

Friday 2/3/22 6:00 PM
Food first

7:00 PM

Friendship United Methodist Church
305 East Boughton Road
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
(West of 355 - East of Route 53. Parking in back,
use far left door.)
Jim A.

Jeff W.

Nancy N.
1 year GA

1 year GA

10 years GA
Monday 2/6/22 6:30 PM

Food First
Our Lady of the Holy Family Parish located at:
Notre Dame de Chicago
1334 W. Flournoy Street
Chicago, IL 60607
Meeting takes place in the basement; parking is
to the left of the church
Sam K.

Corbin M.
1 year GA

1 year GA



Pinning Guidelines:

To be eligible to be pinned, a member must have: (Per the GA Guidance Code)


Abstinence from gambling and regular attendance of at least thirty-nine (39) Gamblers Anonymous meetings (exceptions can be made, via group conscience decisions, for medical reasons) in the prior 12 months is required for pinnings and for all successive anniversaries.


Date of abstinence starts from your first meeting after your last bet.



Chicagoland GA Pinning Scheduling Guidelines:

1.     Pinnings should be submitted to the pinning chairperson at least 30 days prior to the pinning date and preferably at least one day prior to the monthly intergroup meeting.

2.     No meeting will schedule more than 1 pinning event in a 30 day period.

3.     To prevent conflicts, meetings may not schedule event on the same day as another meeting.  In the case of a conflict, the first meeting to schedule a pinning and inform the pinning chairperson will take precedence.

4.     For a pin to be purchased by Chicagoland Intergroup, a pinning must go through the pinning chairperson for approval.

Pinning Meeting Guidelines:

1.     Please announce at beginning of pinning that " As this is a program of anonymity, we ask that family and friends be mindful of this and ask before taking pictures.  this is also why we provide first name and last initial only for GA members when introducing them.

2.     Please announce prior to a collection: "Donations will be accepted only fron GA members.  While we appreciate contributions offered, our organization is self suporting." (See Unity Step 7 regarding declining outside contributions.)