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Chicagoland GA Intergroup

Representative Information and Meeting Guidelines

(11/02/21 Revision)



November 2, 2021

Paul A.
(CIG Chair)

Submit a proposed annual budget in January for CIG approval in February, and give quarterly reports on the budget performance.

July 11, 2017

Sandy M. 
(CIG Chair)

Update passed at April 11, 2017 CIG meeting adding the following to the Pinning Guidelines section: 

“Pinnings should be submitted to the Intergroup Pinning Chair at least 30 days prior to the pinning date and preferably at least one day prior to the monthly Intergroup meeting.”

July 12, 2015

CIG Guidelines Update Committee

Update from Chicagoland Intergroup Guidelines Update Committee



Intergroup is a service structure of Gamblers Anonymous that is composed of elected and/or selected representatives from Gamblers Anonymous groups in the same geographical area.  An Intergroup meets on a regularly scheduled basis (usually once a month) to discuss mutual problems and ideas.  This enables area groups to resolve problems and function better as well as keeping lines of communication open between the groups.  Intergroup usually selects members to form various committees and sub-committees that will serve the needs of the area in carrying the message of Gamblers Anonymous.  Some of the functions of an Intergroup include public relations, pressure-relief meeting assistance, telephone-answering service, open meetings, sponsorships, etc.  The work of Intergroup is guided by the Gamblers Anonymous Recovery and Unity Steps within the framework of the Gamblers Anonymous program.  Intergroup is responsible to those it serves and one vital function of it is to reduce the need for lengthy and frequent business meetings at the individual group-level. ~GA - A New Beginning (Red Book) pg. 13


     INTERGROUP MEETING Intergroup conducts business by using Robert’s Rules of Order.  In order for each GA meeting room to be represented, have a vote, and know what is happening within Chicagoland GA, each meeting should send a representative to the monthly Intergroup meeting.  It is suggested that each room also elect an alternate rep.  If the Intergroup room rep is unable to attend, it is the responsibility of that rep to notify the room’s alternate so they may represent that room.  The Intergroup meeting is an open meeting.  The meetings are currently held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM at:


Oakbrook Community Church

3100 Midwest Road

Oakbrook, IL 60523

      CONTRIBUTIONS — Room contributions brought to Chicagoland Intergroup should be turned in at the Treasurer’s table.  Bring your room contribution in the form of cash, check or a money order made out to Chicagoland Intergroup (CIG).  When making out a check or money order, please show the breakdown of the amounts for each item on the memo line.  Also include the day and name of the meeting. 


Example: Smallville Saturday

 $35 ISO/$35 CIG/$30 Pinning/$23 Supplies   Total $ 123.00



     PINNINGS — For a pinning event to be added to the pinning list, it requires submission to the Pinning Chairperson, preferably at least one day prior to the Intergroup meeting.  Intergroup Reps can do this by emailing or calling a submission to the Pinning Chairperson. This is done in order to prevent pinning events being scheduled on the same date in different meeting locations. Please provide:  Date, Day (note if food first), Time (note if different than regular time), meeting and location, if the pinning is Open (open to all guests and members) or Closed (open to GA or Ga/Gamanon only).  Name and years celebrating and if Ga or Gamanon. Please provide a contact phone number in case there are questions or conflicts.  It is recommended that no meeting schedule more than one pinning event in a 30 day period. Chicagoland Intergroup will pay for the pin once the pinnee has qualified to be added to the pinning list.  The Intergroup Rep will be asked if the member requesting a pinning, by their own admission, has met all following requirements to qualify.

o   Per Gamblers Anonymous Guidance Code, Article VII, Section 4 states:  Abstinence from gambling and regular attendance of at least thirty-nine (39) Gamblers Anonymous meetings (exceptions can be made, via group conscience decisions, for medical reasons, and military stationed overseas) in the prior 12 months, by the member’s own admission, is required for pinnings and for all successive anniversaries. Date of abstinence starts from your first meeting after your last bet.

o   (Passed April 11, 2017 IG):  Pinnings should be submitted to the Intergroup Pinning Chair at least 30 days prior to the pinning date and preferably at least one day prior to the monthly Intergroup meeting.


     MEETING ROOM RENT — Individual room rent should be paid directly to the facility that hosts the meeting by the room’s treasurer.


      SUPPLIES — Order and pick up supplies needed at the Supply table by using the order form available from the supply reps, at the website (under Intergroup/Business), or at the back of the ISO Bulletin.  The order form may be emailed to the Supply Chairperson or brought to the next Intergroup meeting.  Most supply orders can be filled at the Intergroup meeting, however, some supplies may not be available until the following meeting.  Anniversary Pins for room pinnings should be ordered in advance of the pinning.  Each room is responsible for the purchase of their own supplies, which is paid directly to the treasurers.  The supply dollar amount should be included in the GA/ISO contribution check by listing the total supply amount on the memo line with the GA/ISO amounts.  Supplies may be ordered directly from ISO.  However, in doing so, your room will incur shipping charges for the supplies to be delivered.  Supplies ordered through Intergroup will not incur a shipping charge for your room.


     ANNIVERSARY REPORTING — In order for a member to have their anniversary included in the monthly ISO Bulletin, names, dates, numbers of years, and meeting rooms should be turned in to the Anniversary Chairperson at the Intergroup meeting or by e-mail to:


     VOTING — All voting, whether in elections or on motions, shall be satisfied with a simple majority.  Only trusted servants of Intergroup will be allowed to vote in elections and on motions brought before Intergroup. The trusted servants of Intergroup include: Intergroup Chairperson, 1st Chairperson, 2nd Chairperson, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Co-Treasurers, Committee Chairs, Trustees and Intergroup Room Representatives. Alternate Reps may vote only in the absence of the room’s Intergroup Rep.  If any trusted servant holds more than one elected position, they are allowed only one vote.


     ELECTIONS — Elected Officers and Committee Chairpersons positions are filled by GA members.


GA members do not have to be an Intergroup Representative to be nominated for Intergroup trusted servant positions.  However, to accept a nomination, the GA member needs to be either present at the Intergroup meeting, or submit written communication.  To be eligible for any Intergroup position, the GA member is required to have at least 6 months abstinence from gambling.  Chairperson, 1st Chairperson and 2nd Chairperson are required to have at least one year of abstinence from gambling, attendance of 39 meetings per year, and at least one year of service to Intergroup. Co-Treasurers and Trustees are required to have at least 2 years of abstinence, and attendance of 39 meetings per year.


Election Schedule






Trustees (4)

2 years

April – Even years

May – Even years


1 year



1st Chairperson

1 year



2nd Chairperson

1 year




1 year



Assistant Secretary

1 year



Treasurer A

2 years

November – Odd years


Treasurer B

2 years

November – Even Years


Committee Co-Chairpersons:

Activities, Anniversaries, Budget, Joys, Cares & Concerns, Holiday Gathering, Meetings, Phone Service, Picnic, Pinnings,  Pressure Relief, Public Relations, Supplies, Website

1 year



Spring Conference Co-Chairpersons

1 year



Spirituality Conference Co-Chairpersons

1 year



November Nominations are considered closed at the end of the November Intergroup meeting.  Any unfilled or vacated positions can be filled by a special election beginning with the January Intergroup meeting.


Committee Responsibilities




Trustees (4)

Set by the Board of Trustees


Conduct monthly meeting in accordance with the Guidelines, prepare agenda, review and distribute monthly minutes

1st Chairperson

Conduct the monthly meeting in the absence of Chairperson, assist with taking the attendance, assist with the ISO collection, and assist the Chairperson with conducting the meeting in accordance with the Guidelines

2nd Chairperson

Same as 1st Chairperson and oversee P.O. Box and ISO Bulletins


Take monthly minutes, prepare minutes, distribute minutes for review, send reviewed minutes to Chairperson for distribution

Assistant Secretary

Same as Secretary

Treasurers (2)

Outlined in Financial Guidelines

Committee Co-Chairpersons

See Following Chart

The Chicagoland Intergroup Annual events, Spring Conference, Spirituality Conference, Picnic and Holiday Gathering, require Co-Chairs.


Committee Responsibilities (continued)


Committee Co-Chair Positions



Conduct various social events for the Fellowship. Each activity should be self-funded.


Collect Anniversary dates and submit them to ISO for publication in the monthly ISO Bulletin


Submit a proposed annual budget in January for CIG approval in February, and give quarterly reports on budget performance

Joys, Cares & Concerns

Collect and report information regarding the joys, cares and concerns of the Fellowship.  Also prepare greeting cards for pinnees and others as necessary.

Holiday Gathering

Oversee the annual Holiday Gathering event


Assist with the starting, maintaining and closing of meetings.  Assist in maintenance of the national and local meeting lists

Phone Service

Oversee the operation of the Phone Service (Hotline)


Oversee the annual Picnic event


Collect Pinning dates and maintain the Pinning calendar

Pressure Relief

Assist members, as needed, with the running of Pressure Relief Group Meetings and report the number and types of meetings to Intergroup

Public Relations

Be available to respond to requests for information about the GA program.  Be proactive in carrying the GA message to the Public.

Spirituality Conference

Oversee the annual Spirituality Conference

Spring Conference

Oversee the annual Spring Conference


Collect, fill and distribute supply orders in conjunction with ISO.  Provide a monthly supply report.


Oversee the maintenance of the website. 

When necessary, a temporary committee may be formed by making a motion.



     REPORTING TO YOUR ROOM — Information and handouts you receive at the monthly Chicagoland Intergroup meeting should be taken back to your meeting room, reviewed and reported.  Also, when available, a copy of the minutes should be taken to your meeting room. Inform your meeting room that the Chicagoland Intergroup minutes will be available on the website ( as soon as possible after the Chicagoland Intergroup meeting.


     ADDITIONAL INFORMATION When possible, please submit your room information regarding meeting changes, anniversaries, etc., in written form to the appropriate committee chairperson prior to the day of the Intergroup meeting.  You may also bring this information to the Intergroup meeting and give it to the appropriate chairperson, preferably prior to the start of the Intergroup meeting.


     INTERGROUP MEETING AGENDA — The Intergroup meeting follows an agenda that will be distributed by the Intergroup Chairperson.  Some agenda items you may see are as follows:


o   Meeting Called to Order

o   Readings and Guidelines

o   Any corrections or additions to previous month’s minutes.  A motion will be taken to approve minutes.

o   Old Business

o   New Business

o   Committee reports (preferably given from the front of the meeting room)

o   Closing


     ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER (adapted for Chicagoland Intergroup)

o   Being Recognized (Obtaining the Floor)

  Members raise their hand and once recognized by the chair, stand and begin to speak

o   Making a motion

  Before a proposal or subject matter may be discussed by Intergroup a formal motion must be made which requires a “second”

  The purpose of a “second” is to assure that more than one person is interested in the proposal

       State the motion clearly and submit a written version to the Secretary using the motion form below

  The chair re-states the motion – “It has been moved and seconded that …”

  If a motion is not “seconded” then the motion is dead and not open to discussion.

o   Discussion

  Intergroup motion discussions are limited to ten minutes, at which time, if needed, a vote will be taken to continue for an additional ten minutes.  A simple majority is needed for approval to continue.  Each member has the right to speak twice, but no member should be allowed to speak a second time until all members who wish to speak have spoken. 

       During discussions members should:

o   Address comments to the chair and not to another member

o   Refrain from referring to the motives of other members

o   Avoid side conversations; Speak only when you have the floor

o   Limit your comments to those pertinent to the issue under discussion

o   Voting

  The voting body is defined under the section “Voting”

  Once it has been determined that Intergroup is prepared to vote, the chair is ready to put the motion to a vote.  The chair will re-state the exact wording of the motion and what method of voting will be used – voice (Aye or Nay) or counted vote (raising of hands).  Upon the defeat of a motion, any similar motion may not be brought up for a vote for a period of one year.

o   Amending the motion

  This technique is used when one wishes to add to, subtract from or alter a motion that has been made, and seconded.

  In most instances, a “second” is required when offering an amendment.

  Another may rise to amend the amendment.  This procedure is in order.

  A motion to amend may be amended, meaning a member may move to amend a primary amendment with a secondary amendment.

  It should be noted that there are only primary and secondary amendments

o   Point of Information

  If an issue becomes too involved, one may seek a clarification by means of a motion called a “point of information”.  In other words, ask the speaker a question.

o   Division of the Question

  It is quite possible that a proposal may entail two or more subjects.  A member of Intergroup can ask that each part be considered separately.

o   Point of Order

  This motion is used when there is a violation of Robert’s Rules of Order.  The member simply rises and addresses the chair with the words, “I rise to a point of order.”  After being recognized by the chairperson, the member states the point of order.

  Chairperson decides if the point of order is correct.


o   An appeal from the decision of the Chair

  If a member disagrees with a decision of the presiding chair, they can appeal this decision.   An appeal requires a “second”

  The presiding chair then puts the question to the group whether to sustain or overrule the decision.

o   Motion to Refer

  When a member of the group believes that further study is advisable, the member moves that the pending question be referred to an appropriate committee for review.

o   Motion to Table

  This motion means to temporarily put aside the pending motion to consider other business.

  The member arises and addresses the Chair by saying, “I move that the motion be laid on the table.”

  A second is required for this motion.

  The converse motion is to “take from the table.”

  These two motions are not debatable.

o   Division of the House

  If a member doubts the accuracy of a “voice vote”, they may call for a “division of the house.”

  The vote is then taken by asking the members to stand, or raise their hands.

o   Postpone to a Certain Time

  There are occasions when the group needs more information or more time to make a decision.

  The motion should include when Intergroup will address the proposal under consideration.

o   Motion to Adjourn