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The conference zoom meeting will now be May 28th


There is a new zoom meeting for new comers on Saturday mornings from 9 to 10:30

   See info on meetings page in the Downers Grove spot.




Click here for a copy of trustee email regarding video conferencing





Don't know how to join a zoom meeting?


Copy and paste this link:   https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206618765-Zoom-Video-Tutorials



 Since rooms are not physically meeting, conributions to ISO have stopped.

  If you want to contribute directly to ISO, here is the address.


G.A. International Service Office

4981 Irwindale Ave #700

Irwindale, Ca 91706




Conference update:  If you have registered, please email Dianna R. at


 by July 14, 2020 to confirm how you would like to move forward.

 (Choices below)


a. Still planning to attend

b. Unable to attend please donate my deposit toward the conference.

c. Unsure currently so please refund my deposit to:


Full Name


City, State & Zip

Phone Number





Area 8 Trustees have decided to close all Area 8 meetings


effective immediately until further notice


In an effort to help minimize potential

for Coronavirus spread




Note that some meetings have established


 dial-in meetings for their rooms


- see Meetings page on this


Chicagoland GA website for those details.




Also - GA ISO is expanding the Nationwide dial-in

 meetings- see Meetings notice below for that detail. 



Please be sure to send any meeting updates to

 info@gachicago.org and meetings@gachicago.org

so the Chicagoland website can be kept current


Also - if your meeting room has set up a dial-in meeting, please send that

 information to info@gachicago.org and meetings@gachicago.org

so we can add that dial-in information to the Meetings information on the

 Chicagoland website as well.




Thank you for your patience and support.

In the meantime, use the telephone list









Over there


Need to make a meeting announcement?

e-mail: info@gachicago.org










Your meeting may have started a conference call in meeting.  You will find that info on the meeting page, in the right hand column next to the meeting info.









Area 8 Trustees have decided that it is in the best interest of our members to temporarily close ALL Area 8 meetings

  until further notice - due to Coronavirus concerns.



This is an email from the Board of Trustees

and feel this should be passed on to the


  • The Telephone Conference Call committee
  • meetings are the ONLY platform approved by the Board of Trustees as a recognized meeting
  • .
  • These meetings do NOT count towards the 39 meeting rule. 
  • The meeting is NOT considered a group, therefore it does NOT have voting privileges, hence it doesn't count towards the 39 meeting rule.
  • The 39 meeting rule for pinnings has an exception for medical reasons. Reassure the members in your area that our current situation DOES fall within the category of medical reasons.
  • Alternate forms of meetings, e.g. online meetings, video conferencing, other forms of phone meetings outside of what's been approved by the BOT are NOT recognized by Gamblers Anonymous and are therefore considered outside issue and should NEVER be included in any Intergroup or formal GA correspondence.
  • Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc., are a few examples that are NOT Gamblers Anonymous recognized meeting platforms




As of Wednesday, 3/18, 2020, Gamblers Anonymous will have an accommodation for all Gamblers Anonymous members who have been told that their regular meeting facilities have been closed due to the current health emergency. The Board of Trustees Telephone Conference Call Committee has been operating a weekly Telephone Conference Call meeting for the last 6 years. With the approval of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the committee has volunteered to hold daily meetings.

Accordingly, there will be a telephone conference call meeting every day of the week at 9:00 PM New York Time, which is GMT -4, lasting for 2 hours.

These will meetings are designated as approved Gamblers Anonymous meetings. These meetings are scheduled to continue for a 2-week
period, but may be extended additional weeks, if required.

Below are the details to call in for all the meetings.

Day and Time Call-In Number Meeting Code Email for Information and Questions
Sunday - 9pm 712-770-5338 836083 # Sunday9PMHelp@gmail.com
Monday - 9pm 712-770-4925 554671 # Monday9PMHelp@gmail.com
Tuesday - 9pm 712-770-4943 253824 # Tuesday9PMHelp@gmail.com
Wednesday - 9pm 712-770-4160 611704 # Wednesday9PMHelp@gmail.com
Thursday - 9pm 712-770-4981 872853 # Thursday9PMHelp@gmail.com
Friday - 9pm 712-770-4996 595094 # Friday9PMHelp@gmail.com
Saturday - 9pm 712-770-5335 491301 # Saturday9PMHelp@gmail.com

An outgrowth of this surge in online meeting demand brings us a PERMANENT new telephone conference call meeting. Irrespective of the continuity of the 9PM meetings, this Friday 3PM meeting will endure.

Day and Time Call-In Number Meeting Code Email for Information and Questions
Friday – 3pm 712-770-4979 703758 # Friday3PMHelp@gmail.com

The telephone conference call platform we are using has local access telephone numbers for 74 different countries. If you are going to call from a foreign country, please use the appropriate email address to request the local calling numbers.

AS OF WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2020 – Gamblers Anonymous will have its first GA approved Spanish speaking meeting on this platform. Worldwide access is available with non-US country local phone numbers. Please use the email address below to obtain those local area numbers.

Day and Time Call-In Number Meeting Code Email for Information and Questions
Wednesday – 8pm
Mexico City Time
712-770-5306 565387 # Miercoles8PMAyuda@gmail.com



    Upcoming Spring Conference Planning meeting  will be a Zoom meeting


At 7:00 PM  Thursday May 28th



Dial in 1-312-626-6799

Meeting ID 897 3525 2512

Password 821641






The Chicagoland GA Bowling league is Closed until April  




2nd Sunday of the month



Chicagoland GA



"All Mixed Up"


Bowling League



One night a month bowling league...


Bowling is every 2nd Sunday of the month from September through May.

Cost is $18.00/per month

Cost includes a bowling banquet at the end of the season!



Future bowling Dates to be Determined



Click here for banquet flyer


Substitutes are always welcomed and are needed most nights of bowling

Just show up a little early and/or contact Mary D. ahead of time


Bowlero Glendale Heights

558 North Avenue, Glendale Heights, IL 60139

(At the NW corner of North Ave & Glen Ellyn Rd)


Mary D. at bowling@gachicago.org with any questions or to join!




Download the Fillable Phone Service Sign up form HERE

Download the Phone Service Volunteer Info HERE




Pass them on...


Chicagoland Intergroup provides Anniversary Pins for pinnees...


But, why not pass along your Pin to help keep our costs down?


You may turn them in to your intergroup Rep

They will be put in our Supplies for future pinnings!


Image result for public relations images 



As we start the New Year we will attempt all year to reach those compulsive gamblers who are still suffering to share our experience, strength, and hope with them. We will reach out to treatment centers, media outlets, community centers, community speaking opportunities…

We ask for your help in identifying outreach opportunities. We are looking to form a team of speakers who would fill in for opportunities we find to speak to both the recovery community and our communities at-large.

Contact us at publicrelations@gachicago.org if you have ideas for outreach and/or want to be on a list of members who can help us reach those who are still suffering. We are asking you because who better to teach us than those who have been on the other side.





Hang Up a Flyer


to Carry the GA message!


Click here for flyer


Hang up in your church


 Doctor's office


Condo bulletin board



After printing, please tear off the 2 end blank tabs, and cut on the tab lines




Please Share Your Anniversaries!


Intergroup Reps:

Help your fellow GA members celebrate their recent GA anniversaries

by submitting your members' anniversary dates to Sharyn E.

email to: anniversaries@gachicago.org

She will submit them to the ISO to be listed in the Bulletin for the entire GA Fellowship to celebrate!


AS OF WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1, 2020 – Gamblers Anonymous will have its first GA approved Spanish speaking meeting on this platform.

Worldwide access is available with non-US country local phone numbers. Please use the email address below to obtain those local area numbers.

Day and Time Call-In Number Meeting Code Email for Information and Questions
Wednesday – 8pm
Mexico City Time
712-770-5306 565387 # Miercoles8PMAyuda@gmail.com



Permanent Wednesday night and Friday day


Call-In Meetings!



Each one of these meetings will be ‘open meetings’, but only compulsive gamblers, those who believe they have a gambling problem at their first meeting, and those who have a desire to stop gambling, will be allowed to speak.  The meetings will be run by a rotating schedule of at least 2 out of 5 approved meeting administrators who have met the Guidelines for these meetings.

More information is available on the Trustee website at:




The system will open at 15 minutes before in an open forum


The dial in number for Wednesday 9 PM is  712-770-4160. The conference code is 611704

 Email for Information and Questions is  Wednesday9PMHelp@gmail.com

The dial in number for Friday 3 PM is 712-770-4979.  The conference code is 703758

Email for Information and Questions is Friday9PMHelp@gmail.com




 Bring your filled out order form to the next intergroup meeting

Orders may be filled immediately if the Supplies are in stock


Click HERE for the GA Supply Form - PDF




Keep up with our GA members

Please check the "Joys, Cares and Concerns" page for information



Have you been given much from the GA program? 

Consider giving back to it by becoming a "Lifeliner" and financially supporting the International Service Office of Gamblers Anonymous, or as we call it... The awesome "I.S.O."

Click here to be a "Lifeliner" today!




Intergroup will be a zoom meeting  7:30 pm June 9th,  2020


 Meeting ID 762 574 724

Password 004071

Dial in number is 312-626-6799






Chicagoland Intergroup Meeting  

2nd Tuesday of the Month - 7:30 PM  

Oakbrook Community Church  

3100 Midwest Road, Oak Brook, IL  60523  


GA Helpline 1-888-548-2790 (24/7)  


Gam-Anon Hotline 1-708-802-0105  

National Suicide Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Website: www.gachicago.org  


E-mail: info@gachicago.org

Mailing Address:  

Chicagoland Intergroup, P.O. Box 3649, Lisle, IL  60532 




Recovery Quotes


 I’m not telling you it is going to be easy,

I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

– Anonymous


Click here to find out:



What is a SPONSOR?



Pressure Relief



View flyer here

NOTE that these Wednesday sessions represent an opportunity to have a

Pressure Relief done. 

Meetings are still encouraged to offer/conduct Pressure Relief as well.  


Contact the current

Pressure Relief Chairperson

for any assistance needed

for all types of pressure relief!

e-mail: pressurerelief@gachicago.org



The new pressure relief booklets are available.    It is important to review the new booklet including the disclaimer form.


Click here to view the proposed waiver and release for the pressure relief group meeting. 


Download an explanation of all the Pressure Reliefs HERE


~ Speaker's Box ~



Room reps, please send speaker information to




Be of Service...


Could YOU find YOUR meeting?



Please check the online and downloadable meeting lists to help keep directions updated so that the newcomer can easily find our meetings... 

Please Send Updates To:



If you would like ANY Chicagoland Intergroup related announcement put on

this page just send  an e-mail to



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